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Custom Comfort Saddles is your online retailer for Eli Miller Saddles, we've had Eli Miller Saddles for sale online since 1999. For over 30 years, Miller's Saddlery has specialized in custom made saddles that offer a comfortable, stylish ride with innovative design and master craftsmanship. Eli is the original designer of these Miller saddles and has taught the art of saddle making to several people during his career, including Henry Miller Saddles and now his son Jacob who will someday take over the reins from his father.

Miller's saddle shop is nestled in the middle of a small Amish community in the backwoods of Kentucky and builds some of the finest horse saddles and horse tack in the world, with excellence sewn into every stitch. Eli Miller Saddles are built for comfort and durability using only the finest materials and hardware. The saddle stirrups are covered with leather, and all the trim work and hardware are made with stainless steel to prevent rusting. Eli and his son Jake, meticulously sew every stitch in theses saddles and hand stamp intricate patterns that were completely designed in-house. 

The comfort of the rider and his/her horse was carefully considered with the design of each of our saddles. Special features include:


  • Lightweight Saddles; Trail Saddle, Buena Vista Saddle, Endurance Saddle weigh approx. 24 lbs. The Old Timer Saddle weighs approx. 26 lbs.


  • Stirrup Leathers moved forward to allow the rider greater flexibility and ease pressure on the knees.


  • Suspended-center ground seat; The Buena Vista Saddle, Endurance Saddle, and Old Timer Saddle, which adds extra cushion where it counts​​. 

  • Saddle tree that allows for proper shoulder movement.


  • Wooden saddle tree coated with Line-X or fiberglass to keep the moisture locked out and add extra strength & durability.

Endurance SaddleOld Timer Saddle & Trail Saddle are built on wooden saddle trees, handcrafted by Batie's Custom Saddle Trees in Tennessee. Buena Vista Saddle is also built on a wooden tree, this Amish made saddle tree is handcrafted in Kentucky. Miller's Saddlery offers Endurance Saddles, Western Trail Saddles & Roper saddles, the most popular style is the Buena Vista Saddle, with or without a horn. The Buena Vista Saddle provides a softer seat and a more comfortable ride by using a cross-web seat, a suspended seat that is almost like a set of shocks. Eli Miller Saddles are crafted using only Wickett & Craig Leather, made in the USA and founded in 1867.  Wickett & Craig  sets the bar in leather making and is superior for skirting and pliability, which enables shaping and molding to the saddle tree. All Eli Miller Saddles come with Western saddle rigging and your choice of Western or English fenders.  We also sell horse bridles, breast collars, saddlebags, cantle bags, pommel bags, gun holsters, gun scabbards, and other fine horse tack accessories. Check out our photo gallery; You can follow us and subscribe to our mailing list below. These horse saddles are not mass-produced, each handcrafted saddle is made to order. We require 50% down, with the balance due upon shipping. 

Amish made Saddles & Tack

Eli Miller Buena Vista Saddle
Eli Miller Trail Saddle
Eli Miller Old Timer Saddle
Eli Miller Endurance Saddle


All of our trail riding saddles have a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship under normal use and a limited five-year warranty on the tree under normal use. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.